Our Programs

01. Women's Rights and Advocacy Program

This program seeks to promote and protect poor women/girls’ human rights, in particular their social and economic rights. It works with different stakeholders to identify and tackle compelling challenges to the enforcement of women’s human rights in local communities. It ensures that the women’s rights are integrated into government and international agencies’ projects implemented in local communities.

The program seeks to provide support to women whose human rights are denied and thus strengthens women’s capacity to demand their human rights. The organizations advocacy and campaign activities to sensitize all stakeholders on women’s human rights are carried out under this program.

02. The Right to Health Program

This program seeks to promote women and girls right to health and healthy living in line with relevant international and local laws that stipulate right to health for all, irrespective of social class and sex. It works with relevant stakeholders to highlight women’s health challenges in local communities and proffer solutions to identified challenges.

The program also organizes activities that aim to sensitize women in local communities on their right to health and access to primary health facilities. Trainings, advocacy and campaign activities are periodically carried out by CEADER to increase local and international interventions to the health challenges of women and girls in local communities.

03. Economic Empowerment Program

The Economic Empowerment program works to establish women/girls’ economic self-dependence via skills acquisition trainings for women/girls. It routinely carries out advocacy activities to seek women/girls’ inclusion in government and international agencies’ poverty reduction programs.

This program specifically provides the platform for women/girls in local communities to access opportunities that enhance their living standard. It thus strengthens their capacity to effectively participate in development activities that go on in their communities.

04. Women in Leadership and Community Development Program

This program works to increase and strengthen women’s ability to participate in leadership and development activities carried out in local communities through strategic leadership, gender and development trainings.

The program also collaborates with other groups within and outside Nigeria to deliver successful and proven approaches to an inclusive and non-discriminatory system of leadership and community development.